Thursday, April 27, 2006


STEREOGUM.COM: And now that the MP3 blogs have done Tapes 'n' Tapes a solid, we collectively turn our attention to Zach Condon's Beirut. GVB and Catbirdseat first alerted us to the project of this Albuquerque-bred 19-year-old, now up to his in free publicity. And deservedly so. We never knew ukuleles could rock. In fact, there are NO GUITARS on the debut album Gulag Orkestar (out 5/9 on Bada Bing Records). That may sound like a gimmick, but you won't miss 'em: with so many instruments in the mix, Beirut have hit on something wholly unique, never aping any band, nor any genre we could think of. And yet with all that lush Middle Eastern orchestration, Condon's hypnotic warble never leaves center stage.

Beirut - "Postcards From Italy" (MP3)

Another download, but if you're not sold by "Postcards" you'll hate it.

Beirut - "Mount Wroclai (Idle Days)" (MP3)

Still intrigued? Check out Said The Gramophone for two more tracks. "That makes four from an album of eleven," Sean admits. But he's not worried 'cause he's so confident you'll buy it.

What do you guys think?


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