Wednesday, December 27, 2006

ALBUM > Skinny Puppy "Mythmaker" (2007)

Returning after 2004's redefining and revolutionary "The Greater Wrong Of The Right" [Buy from iTunes] (an album that caused several bands included in the same breath as Skinny Puppy [MySpace Profile] to collectively marvel at their audacious reinvention of the Industrial music genre) the iconic Vancouver duo of Ogre (voice) and cEvin Key (synthesizers/electronics/percussion ) ably assisted by Mark Walk (and a host of others) return with "Mythmaker" - perhaps their most ambitious and adventurous album : As dark, twisted, beautiful and aggressive as ever, Skinny Puppy take the listener on a roller coaster ride through their unique aural onslaught of Industrial, Techno and Noise. Now even more contemporary and relevant, over 20 years into their existence Skinny Puppy prove they have more bite and continue to shine brighter than ever. "Mythmaker" comes presented in a digipak.

Available January 2007.


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