Saturday, March 10, 2007

Boston "Boston" (1976)

"Better music through science" was the Epic Records-coined slogan that Boston leader Tom Scholz hated, but this masterwork of studio-happy, high-school-parking-lot music earned it. Scholz fine-tuned his overdubbed guitar orchestra to a pitch that a thousand subsequent album-rockers couldn't resist. And why should they? Where the band's later records were hardly worthy of note, Boston pulls together classic after classic: "More Than a Feeling," "Peace of Mind," "Hitch a Ride." The pseudo-cosmic ambience invites scoffs as the year 2000 approaches, but it's really just part of the disc's charm. Let it take you home tonight. Over 15 million copies have sold of the top three record, which features eight tracks, including the top five smash 'More Than A Feeling', plus thetop 30 'Foreplay/ Long Time', the top 40 'Peace Of Mind' andthe radio hits 'Hitch A Ride' & 'Rock & Roll Band'. [iTunes here]

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