Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Pure Hell

The world's first original all black punk rock group documented in history established in 1975, originally from Philadelphia. One of the last groups to play with Sid Vicious from the Sex Pistols before he passed into "punk rock heaven". Pure Hell came together during NYC's post "Warhol Factory" era of music, hookers, drugs and even murder! A time that shifted the views and attitude of a whole generation. Like the few that they were proud to be of, PH had a short lifespan eventually pulled apart in different directions at that particular time. For instance, their debut album titled Noise Addiction, was released after twenty-eight years. This was part of the results of firing manager Curtis Knight(same person who claimed to have discovered Jimi Hendrix) who seized the original recordings. He then threatened to interrupt their european tour which was arranged through Roy Fisher in 1978(Stinker nailed a Dutch girl)that Knight wanted. Then finally, Knight tainted the bands reputation by molesting a fan at PH's flat in London, England. Then Fisher obtained and attorney and proceeded to take over management of PH. Also, an altered description in advertisement stating that we were other than "typical punk", descended our popularity with die hard fans, at the end of our second and final european tour. Leading to how Mike Snyder of Welfare Records purchased the sessions from Kathy O'Connell. Which was sold upon Knight's demise. In 1986, Spider and Stinker continued appearing and recording on the east and west coasts with various personnel. Spider and Knight both deceased during this current decade. Gordon aka Stinker, Morris aka Chip and Boles aka Lenny remain the existing original members. Our original name in 1974 was Pretty Poison. The title of a movie I took from featuring Anthony Perkins(Psycho) and Tuesday Welds. It may be a bit uncanny that we were enthused with the underground, but it was a time of venturous drug indulgence and mind-altering genre crossing. Art spars with transcendence. Robert Johnson, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd and Alice Cooper were all in a melting pot. In 1975 we checked into the Chelsea Hotel. New York's nightlife accommodated - Wayne County, Patty Smith, The Ramones, Television, Blondie, Dead Boys etc. The Dolls moved us into their loft where particular bands also rehearsed. This was the last stages of their lineup that included Jonny Thunders. I first met Thunders at an after hours club(he smacked me up with dope for the very first time)and later met David Johannsen(in a fedora hat, cashmire coat and high heels) Watching re-runs of "The Untouchables" w/Sylvain. Jerry and Author were in rehab so Spider sat in for their red-patented leather revival shows at the Hippodrome Theatre. Spider and I, would practice "Boots Made For Walking" with Thunders and I kept it for our debut UK single. Malcolm McLaren was managing them and they finally went to Florida where Jonny and Jerry split and eventually formed The Heartbreakers. By 1978, we were preparing to tour Europe. Sid and Nancy had moved to to the states after the breakup of the Sex Pistols. Due to our affliliation with the Dolls and McLaren, it was seemly that we would do a show together. Sid could be intimidating to people who were already envious of his reputation. People were afraid who didn't know him. I think Nancy's family kept them at an arm's length and refused to have Sid's ashes near her grave. One minute we were taking photos at our soundcheck, smoking pot and fooling around. Then at showtime, Sid was so wound up about Nancy or something, that he was kicking doors off their fucking hinges! I dont know what happened to them in the Chelsea Hotel and don't want to speculate because I wasnt there. But it was part of the end for some of the New York/London(sex shops/doll) influenced international gang. Gordon has been examining the concept of returning to the stage that put him in contact with guitarist/co-songwriter that has recorded the Black Box music, Carlos Kamakaze aka Carlos Andreas. He replaced the original guitarist Preston "Chip Wreck" Morris since 1991. Steve Dior London Cowboys (Sid Vicious' guitarist from France), Jeff O'Hara current member of Asylum 66 Thus, recording tracks with the latter during the summer of 2006. Now a quinquagenarian, any project he undertakes should have a new feel. But the motto on the swastika t-shirts designed by Malcolm McLaren will always mean just what it said: NO FUTURE FOR ANY KIND OF DICTATORSHIP!!! [MySpace]



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