Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Recoil "Subhuman" (2007)

Recoil's 5th studio album, subhuman, will be available on CD and limited edition gatefold vinyl as well as in a special collector's DVD package featuring an enhanced stereo CD, a 5.1 Surround Sound version, an exclusive ambient reworking of the entire album and all the Recoil videos to date.

Collaborating with Recoil on subHuman is Bluesman Joe Richardson, whose evocative vocal style is complimented by accomplished guitar and harmonica performances. Born in Southern Louisiana, Richardson spent years immersed in the murkier side of New Orleans life and offers a unique commentary on conflict, religion, incarceration and personal struggle.

English singer Carla Trevaskis, a songwriter in her own right, brings an expressive range and control to subHuman and has worked with artists as diverse as Fred de Faye (Eurythmics), Cliff Hewitt (Apollo 440) and Dave McDonald (Portishead).

Wilder's skill at blending diverse and eclectic musical styles with often controversial subjects has produced an album of complex sonic imagery and expansive dynamic range. subHuman asks us to reach within ourselves and extract the very essence of what makes us human - and more importantly what allows us to subordinate others, sometimes with the most brutal consequences. We are all subHuman in somebody’s eyes.



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