Saturday, July 28, 2007

Frankie (Valli) says: "Remix Me!"

The doo-wop legend and writer of Grease (Is the Word), Frankie “Falsetto” Valli, is emerging as the surprise hit of the summer.

Valli has scored this summer’s big dance hit thanks to a Parisian DJ called Pilooski, who has remixed the Four Seasons’ 1967 track, Beggin’. A T-shirt with the slogan “Frankie Says ReEdit” is proving to be as popular as the remix itself, and the indie ravers the Klaxons have covered the northern soul favourite The Night.

Most suprising, however, is that a greatest hits collection, released this week, is being put out by 679 Recordings, a small leftfield label best known for being the home of Mike Skinner’s the Streets.

Valli, 73, was unavailable to comment on his new label mate but a 679 spokesperson would say: “Frankie’s music is timeless and relevant to acts today such as Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse. It needed to be available for a new generation.”



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