Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Fantasy Records to Release Light Your Light, the New Album from Toots & The Maytals

In Stores August 28, 2007, Light Your Light, Which Features Appearances by Bonnie Raitt and Derek Trucks, is his Debut for the Label

New York, NY – On August 28, 2007 Fantasy Records will release Light Your Light, the latest album from Toots & The Maytals. On the heels of his Grammy triumph for 2004’s True Love, Toots comes roaring back with an equally powerful collection of standards and instant classics.

Produced by the masterful Richard Feldman, Light Your Light revisits some of Toots’ favorite compositions, shining a modern light on hits such as “Johnny Coolman,” which features an appearance by guitarist Derek Trucks, and “Pain in My Heart”, an homage to Otis Redding. “I listen to Otis. He was my tutor. That love I have for him, it’s like my brother. I pick ‘Pain in My Heart’ so people bring back memories of him.” He goes on to say, “Not a lot of people can do Otis and have that kind of range. He was a bigger guy than me and I just try to sing like him.”

On the track “Light U Light”, Toots urges people “to really try to live upright and show love to who you meet, whether black or white, no matter who. Let your light shine among people, among God.” He wants fans to hold their lighter high, but be cautious “mind you burn your finger.” The album also gets a little help from the incredibly vibrant Bonnie Raitt who joins Toots on the track, “Premature.”

“Don’t Bother Me” and “Do You Remember” draw on youthful memories of love and larceny. “I Got A Woman” receives a “Kingston” twist. “Love So Strong” and “Celia” are geared to the ladies. The songs feature the raw intensity and knock out vocal performances Toots is known for. All together, they provide evidence that the tribute to Toots at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in February 2007 was well deserved. One of ska and reggae’s founding fathers, Toots is stronger than ever in this new century as he continues to light his light for a new generation of fans.


1. Johnny Coolman (featuring Derek Trucks)
2. Premature (featuring Bonnie Raitt)
3. Pain In My Heart
4. Love So Strong
5. Don’t Bother Me
6. Celia
7. Image Get A Lick
8. I Gotta Woman
9. See The Light
10. Tribute (Guns of Navarone)
11. Do You Remember
12. Light U Light



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