Thursday, September 13, 2007

New Grizzly Bear (Feat. Dirty Projectors & Beirut) - "Alligator (Choir Version)" (Stereogum Premiere)

Folks rolled up their sleeves 'n' split into camps for Feist's made-for Late Night choir. OK, maybe those outfits were a bit much, but it's gonna be difficult griping about this bouyant remake of "Alligator" from Grizzly Bear's quiet-is-the-new-loud 2004 debut Horn Of Plenty (that's right, they had the name before the National!). Increasing the original minute-and-a-half sliver into five minutes and change of stunning, cloud-lined harmonies, the Grizzly boys are joined by Zach Condon and Dirty Projectors, soaring through the roof. Sweet, epic beauty with an off-the-charts final crescendo and well-played anticlimax to brass swell and drifting exit. Sorry if we're drooling -- but it's that good.



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