Friday, September 28, 2007

Trentemoller featured in Billboard magazine

Danish artist Anders Trentemoller -- better-known simply by his last name -- released his debut full-length last year. "The Last Resort" (Poker Flat) was a moody collection of deep electronica, offset by delicately rendered vocals and live instruments. The artist adapted the material for a live band and took it on the road, touring small clubs as well as Europe's big festivals. (His nine-date American tour kicks off Oct. 3.)

That was 2006. So why, one year later, are we gifted with "The Trentemöller Chronicles" (Audiomatique), a retrospective? Chalk it up to MySpace. "Many people, especially on MySpace and also when we were touring, always asked if it wasn't possible to get more rare stuff and B-sides on CD for normal people, not DJs," Trentemoller says.

"Chronicles" is one CD of rarities plus another of his best remixes, including the ones that cemented his star status: Moby's "Go" and Royksopp's "What Else Is There?"




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