Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Bob Dylan and Jack White work together on a Hank Williams inspired project

Steppin' In It bassist Dominic Suchyta has revealed some top secret details about a Hank Williams record guided by Bob Dylan. The as-yet-unfinished album will set the country legend's posthumous lyrics to music by such artists as Jack White of The White Stripes, who chose to interpret the track "You Know That I Know" alongside members of Autolux (drummer Carla Azar), The Raconteurs (guitarist/keyboardist Dean Fertita) and Dylan's band (guitarist Donny Herron).

"Jack was sent most of or all of the unfinished tunes and picked this one to finish," Suchyta told Paste magazine. "We listened to quite a bit of Hank while I was down there and sat around the two of us playing our favorite Hank tunes, but the song was done when I got there. I think Jack just ingested a bunch of Hank Williams and this is what came out of him."

Suchyta added that Norah Jones and Willie Nelson might join the project soon. As for Dylan, he reportedly did a song while working on last year's Modern Times LP.



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