Tuesday, June 27, 2006

NEW ALBUM > Bob Jaroc & Plaid "Greedy Baby"

Developed over 4 years, Greedy Baby has evolved out of a relationship between Plaid and filmaker and animator Bob Jaroc, touring and continually developing their live audio-visual show to audiences from Buenos Aries, to Tokyo, Istanbul, London’s Imax and beyond.

The creation of this new album and dvd was made with tracks and video passing back and forth, inspiring and informing either parties in creative exchange.

Greedy baby is a moody body of work that is at times angry and haunted and other times, warm opulent and lively. This is a true creative exchange so darkness (inspired by these dangerous days) in the animation is fleshed out with light in the music and visa versa, so a balance is struck.

For this soundtrack Plaid's music is very rich, with a classic soundtrack feel, Plaid's electronics fleshed out with thoughtful arrangements with strings, choral voices, thembe and bossa piano. What is more the album was written in 5.1 surround sound specifically for the audio visual experience, which makes it a unique piece of work and an incredible experience for the eyes and ears.



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