Monday, February 19, 2007


ARTROCKER.COM: We're doomed. If Global warming doesn't melt our Grandkids then the terrorists will nail our asses for sure. And if, by some incredible miracle, we escape both- the frigging birds are gonna give us the plague. And I always trusted those little furry guys. That's right- these are bleak and serious times my friend, so thank your lucky stars that the Ripps are at the ready with their debut album `Long Live The Ripps'.

These guys are fun. They make a night out in the UK seem like some kind of Scooby Doo adventure, complete with vampires and things. They appear to consider the ego tripping of Razorlight, the emotional intensity of Keane, and the studied cool of The Strokes, think for a minute, then go "Naaaa!" before they bugger off to have yet even more fun. And I think we can all say, good work kids.

`Holiday' for example, drools with Supergrassy enthusiasm whilst telling stories of seaside escape built around the notion that a "cheeky pint will always end in tears." Aside from being a perfect piece of jump-around silliness, it also showcases the marvellous vocal team of Patch Lagunas (lead vox, snarly noises) and Rachel Butt (backing vox, monkey noises).

Whilst hardly Mike Leigh storylines, the songs do contain their fair share of biting social commentary- usually in the form of Sex Pistol style attacks on politicians (`Hypocrites'), crappy Right Wing Newspapers (`Benefits') and diamond encrusted celebrity morons. Things are never allowed to get too bland though, and most of the commentary is too amusing to be taken as self righteous.

Loads of bands at the moment are "redefining" Britain with "poetic" visions as if they share family heirlooms with Charles Dickens, but few are taking the hot air out of the process and having a damn good crack. That's where the Ripps come in, and ye Gods it feels more like the start of the world than the end of one. Spanking.

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