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DJ Peder


1/3 of The Prunes
1/3 of Pelding (Jazzfudge Records UK)
1/2 Comedy Show “Gramsespektrum”
1/2 Lizardshakedown Records
1/1 of Peder

Peder [MySpace] has spent too much time in front of his computer screen. Despite working multiple careers that include acting (he has acted in an Emmy Award winning TV show and has appeared in Dogme films), childrens radio show host, DJ (nominated for best Danish hip hop DJ), professional photographer, producer of a Platinum-selling comedy album, and recently becoming a father, he knew it was time to record an album with a new perspective.

As an award winning producer and member of the hip hop production team The Prunes, he has produced, remixed and released a long list of somebodys including the Beastie Boys, DJ Krush, The Roots, and DJ Vadim for labels like Mo’ Wax and Grand Royal. The computer has served him well. But after reading an interview with Rick Rubin, Peder decided to follow the super producer’s lead, and close his eyes and listen instead of looking at the screen. “When you produce music using a computer there’s a risk that your work methods become visual, meaning you look at a screen and try whatever usually works instead of listening," says Peder, "and that’s not what music is about.”

The Rubin intervention led to the album “And He Just Pointed To The Sky.” It’s a very different piece of music for both artist and label. It’s slow, dark, cinematic, soulful and it demands your attention. This is party music for ghosts, Twin Peaks tunes for cold winter nights, and disturbingly eerie and creaky sounds for your iPod. Imagine subtle Hip Hop production on Tom Waits or Nina Simone with Nordic Psalms for extra flavor and you’re getting a little closer to what this album is about. Partly an instrumental record (including a collaboration with Shawn Lee), “And He Just Pointed To The Sky” also features vocalists like Bay Area soul man Nino Moschella, New York based gospel singer Dean Bowman, Danish singers Ane Trolle and Joy Morgan.

Has Peder, the man who was a catalyst at the beginning of the trip hop era and has since produced a massive amount of Hip Hop, grown up, gone mad, or simply lost the plot?

“Producers of hip hop music or any type of music that involves looking at a computer screen will empathize with me!” says Peder. “The album is not a reflection of my mental status, I feel absolutely great. I just love when music, film and art in general takes you and your imagination somewhere else.”

So please, sit back and crank up the gothic, crackly, theatrical, beaten up, and slightly grown-up sound of Peder.


Born in the suburbs of Copenhagen..

Enters his 1st DJ compettion and The Prunes starts making beats.

Hosts a hiphop show on DR/P3 (National Danish Radio)

The Prunes remixes Beastie Boys “Sure Shot”.
The Prunes releases “Tracks from the darkside” on NewBreed US

Starts working on radio comedy show “Gramsespektrum” with colleague Simon from The Prunes.
Remixes Beastie Boys “Root Down”
Resident DJ at nightclub Pub Elvis

The Prunes remixe Dj Krush feat. The Roots “Meiso” and release “The Plot” on Mo’ Wax amongst others.
Liveband Pelding releases EP for Jazzfudge Records UK.

The Prunes produces “Cantona style” and 8 interludes for the legendary Headz 2 compilation for Mo’ Wax records and remixes Gary Burton amongst others.

Releases comedy album “Gramsespektrum” which earns him a Grammy for best entertainment release and sells platinum in Denmark..
Hosts “Childrens Radio” for DR (a legendary radio show which is spectacular in its complete abssense of education value).
Pelding releases 12” “Days In Shades Of Grey”.
The Prunes remixe and produce different Danish acts and deliver music for the danish motion picture “Pizza King” amongst others.

The Prunes remixe Beastie Boys “Putting Shame In Your Game” and DJ Vadim amongst others and is nominated for a Copenhagen award.
Goes to Photgraphy/Art school “Fatamorgana” for 6 months.

The Prunes remixe “Pass The Mic” for theBeastie Boys DVD release and releases “Rockin’ the mic” EP for Grand Royal records amongst others.
Shoots photos for different Copenhagen nightclubs and labels.
Pelding releases their debut album “Pelding” on Jazzfudge Records UK featuring Motion Man (US) and Jan Kincaid (Brand New Heavies). The album wins a Copenhagn award and receives great rewievs.

Works as a photographer – Clients include BMG/Welt records/DR/EMI/ and various Danish labels and clubs.
The Prunes releases “APX” as a collabo for Danish clothing brand APX..
Resident DJ at internationally acclaimed Vega nightclub in Copenhagen and Ultra Lounge in Dublin.
Plays a part in dogme movie “Se til venstre der er en svensker”
Pelding Scores the movie “Se Dagens lys”
Produces for the project “Nobody Beats The Beats” with Track72..

The Prunes releases “Red Moon” EP for Jazzfudge Records and produce for Maylay Sparks’ album “Graymatter” amongst others
Nominated as DJ of the year at Danish Hiphop Awards.
Shoots photos for K7 and Morr Music amongst others.
Performs live as a keyboard player and DJ with Danish rapper Jokeren

Shoots photos for the book “Saras Dagbog” amongst others (
Has various small roles in Emmy winning danish series “The Eagle” and the movies “Kinamand” and “Voksne Mennesker”
Produces the track “You know what we about” feat. Louis Logic with Track72

Pelding releases the album “Spine” which is a collabo with jazzsinger Joy Morgan on Peders own label Lizardshakedown Records. The album wins a Danish Music Award for best Urban releases a DR/P3 Gold nomination, great rewievs and heavy airplay.
Acts in the movie “Allegro” and the comedy show “WulffMorgenthaler”
The Prunes releases the compilation album “Odd Jobs” on Japanese label Tri_Eight

2006 Tours Europe (including Elysee Montmartre, Paris and the Infamous Jazz Café, London) as keyboard player and DJ for the Track72 live outfit.
Produces music with Track72 for the movie “Princess”
Acts in the comedy TVShow “Dolph and Wulff”
Performs at Copenhagen Jazz Festival with Pelding & Joy Morgan.
Becomes a father to Malcom, 16th of August.

Releases 1st solo album on Ubiquity Records [iTunes].



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