Monday, July 30, 2007

Coming soon! New Babyshambles LP

Babyshambles announced details of their second album about five hours ago. After some deliberation, we've decided to run it as a newsy.

The record, which at the time of 'press' remains untitled, was produced by Stephen Street and will be out to buy sometime in the autumn; which, if seasonal shifts continue to occur, could be at 8pm tonight or December '09.

A weather joke! Ya get me?! Here's what's on it:

'Carry On Up The Morning'
'You Talk'
'Side Of The Road'
'Crumb Begging'
'French Dog Blues'
'Kirsten Dunst'
'There She Goes'
'Baddies' Boogie'
'Deft Left Hand'
'The Lost Art Of Murder'
'Kirsten Dunst (reprise)'

A single will be released on September 16th, it will probably be 'Delivery'.

[via Drowned In Sound]



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