Thursday, November 29, 2007

Radiohead plays Roskilde Festival '08

Many people still remember Radiohead's last performance at Roskilde Festival. The year was 1997, and OK Computer had just been released. This frightening and beautiful portrait of modern life has since been called one of the best albums ever by leading music critics.

Eleven years later we present Radiohead again – and the band still sets the agenda. This time they have received extra attention by distributing their latest album In Rainbows directly on the Internet and not through a record label – an unprecedented manoeuvre from a band of their size. All of a sudden, you could read about the Oxford quintet's rainbow album, not only in the papers' culture sections but also on the business pages.

A big audience request

The attention surrounding Radiohead is still enormous. The band was at the very top of the list when people were asked to request their hottest Roskilde bands on the festival's website in October – and allegedly 1.2 million fans visited the band's website to download the new album on the release day alone.

Radiohead's unique musical vision continues to fascinate and excite even after 15 years of making music. Therefore, we are looking greatly forward to presenting one of today's most important, most respected and most popular bands at Roskilde Festival again.

Tickets to Roskilde '08 are available through Roskilde's online ticket sale from 1 December at 10.00.



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