Thursday, June 29, 2006

NEW SINGLE > Dolium "Teenagers E.P."

The long anticipated new release from Dolium is soon to be available. What’s unclear is whether, with a new musical direction promised, this is a taste of what’s to come, or if the enigmatic duo are simply teasing their audience. With this pair it’s hard to tell. What is certain is that the band’s brilliant new ‘Teenagers EP’ will be their first ever exclusive iTunes release.

The Manchester based ‘duo from the dark side’ have followed-up their highly rated debut album ‘Kisses Fractures’ with a thrillingly powerful concept EP. ‘Teenagers’ features the live favourites ‘Dead Teenagers’ and ‘Teenage Boy, Teenage Girl,’ both bursting with adolescent fervour, and showcases a unique 4-track demo tape recording entitled ’13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19’, a septet of mostly instrumental tracks, each one representing its respective teenage year.

Singer, songwriter and guitarist Reece Adamo and his bass-playing dominatrix counterpart Mistress De Vine have spent the past year perfecting their unique and intriguing brand of DIY punk-rock. The ‘Teenagers EP’ is intended to whet the appetite for their soon to be disclosed follow-up album. The nature of this second full-length venture may still remain a mystery however, as Reece hints that they could be serving up something rather different later in the year. ‘The Teenagers EP,’ he suggests, ‘should quite easily succeed in throwing folks off the trail…’

Dolium, with their reeling guitar sounds, aggressive pounding bass lines and dangerously urgent vocals that have lead to comparisons to bands such as the Pixies, Sonic Youth and Joy Division, may still be a relatively undiscovered talent. However, support and airplay from the likes of John Kennedy of XFM, and Steve Lamacq and Huw Stevens of the BBC have helped bolster their profile and point to things to come.

With the second album and more of their infamously frantic live appearances in the pipe line, the remainder of 2006 promises to be a busy time for the couple. In their mysterious vein they are yet to release any dates, so, for now, fans will have to satisfy themselves by wallowing in the scarily absorbing ode to teenage angst that is the iTunes available ‘Teenagers EP’. It might be a blind alley, but nevertheless it’s certainly a dark, emotion-filled and surprisingly enjoyable journey.


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