Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Printer "I Can Take More" (2007)

"We never danced so much as during the making of this record," claim the members of Danish quartet Printer of their cheekily titled third album, I Can Take More. But if this is dance music, then it's the moody kind ostensibly purveyed by fellow Scandinavians the Knife: a fog of melancholy surrounds their lithe beats and blippy synthesizer melodies, begging comparisons to pensive electro poppers like Junior Boys or Coloma. A few tracks, like "Brother," beat a streamlined path to the dance floor via nimble programming and minimalist melodics, but most of the record's cuts — like the Auto-Tune-enhanced "Satisfaction" and the swirly "Allright" — offer a more baroque take on 21st-century new wave. "I Swear" rides a strutting bass line, but hyper-compressed chords, channeling Daft Punk via the Field, suggest that Danish parades are rainy affairs. Fortunately, their dot-matrix output folds into the coziest umbrella imaginable.




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