Thursday, February 14, 2008

Orac Records schedules Conrad Schnitzler remixes

Experimental-techno label Orac Records has recently turned its attention to the past, announcing an as-yet-untitled series featuring remixes of the work of Conrad Schniztler. A student of Josef Beuys, an early member of Tangerine Dream, and the co-founder of Krautrock legends Kluster, Schnitzler is perhaps most famous for his cassette concerts featuring a megaphone-wired Walkman attached to a helmet on his head.

Dandy Jack, Thomas Fehlmann, and Bruno Pronsato are among the modern-day heads tackling source material from Schniztler albums like Solo Sq. Rhythmics 1-18 and Solo Electrics 1-13. As Orac co-founder Randy Jones told Earplug, "The mixers have very different approaches to structuring Schnitzler's hermetic sounds in a dance-music context." It's not the first time anyone has set out to remix Schnitzler's work: a similar volume (featuring Carsten Nicolai, Rehberg & Bauer, and Mika Vainio) was planned and aborted a decade ago by the late Norbert Schilling's Plate Lunch Records — the previous outlet for all things Schnitzler. The Orac compilation drops this spring.



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