Thursday, June 29, 2006

NEW MINI ALBUM > iLiKETRAiNS "Progress Reform"

‘Before The Curtains Close’ (Dance To The Radio), ‘A Rook House For Bobby’ (Kids Recordings) and ‘Terra Nova’ (Fierce Panda). Consider that those previous releases have concerned themselves with the plight of Grandmasters and Scott of the Antarctic’s final doomed mission and you’ll soon realise that the quintet’s uniquely beautiful soundscapes and rousing songs are brimming over with exceptional characters and historical events - a fitting accompaniment to the iLiKETRAiNS neo-legendary live set, where the band dress in matching British Rail uniforms and play colossal chords in front of a backdrop of antiquated images of trains, snow and chess. Progress Reform is out on Fierce Panda on cd mini-album on June 26th.


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