Sunday, December 09, 2007

Billy Joel gets political on new song

'Christmas In Fallujah' is inspired by soldiers in Iraq.

Billy Joel has just released the song 'Christmas In Fallujah', which was inspired by letters he received from US soldiers in Iraq.

The famed songwriter decided to ask young up-and-coming vocalist Cass Dillon to sing the song because Joel thought he was too old to sing it himself.

"I didn't feel I was the person to sing this song," Joel said in a statement.

"I thought it should be somebody young, about a soldier's age. I wanted to help somebody else's career. I've had plenty of hits. I've had plenty of airplay. I've had my time in the sun. I think it's time for somebody else, maybe, to benefit from my own experience."

Net proceeds from the single, which is available US iTunes, will be donated to the charity Homes For Our Troops that builds specially adapted homes for service members returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with severe disabilities.



At 4:09 PM , Blogger Ruth Etters said...

Terribly interesting coincidence. Jefferson Pepper wrote a song called “Christmas in Fallujah” three years ago. Like Joel’s song, it’s also an anti-war ballad from the perspective of the soldier.

But don’t believe me, check it out for yourself:


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