Monday, September 11, 2006

Grizzly Bear :: Yellow House out now

Yellow House is finally here. Think of classic Americana, the timeless arrangements of epic Disney scores, Brian Wilson and his imaginative collaborator Van Dyke Parkes, Love's acid-baked Calfornian psychedelia, beautiful harmonies, baroque, oceanic instrumentation and subtle electronics. Songs which twist and evolve effortlessly into one of the most intricate and beautiful albums Warp has ever released.

The sublime TV on the Radio have asked them on their US tour (see Warp Live below for a full list of dates), Dntel, Soft Pink Truth and Arial Pink queued up to remix them, and the press response to the album has been astounding.

“excellent and diverse… deserves to reach an audience beyond those already seduced by… Animal Collective and Sufjan Stevens”

The Times

"soars over the high bar of expectations set by Horn Of Plenty"

The Guardian

“anyone can fall in love with this album.” I Guess I’m Floating

“one of the year's best records”


More Reviews

For more, there is a brand new album player for you to listen to tracks and embed in to sites, as well as two tracks from the album to download for free here.

The artwork is something to behold too.

Buy Yellow House in Warpmart

Buy Yellow House in Bleep


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